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Cris Larsen

“Nothing warms the heart more than when locals help locals.” - The Great Cris

Welcome to the place where everything is Gr8!

See Me Live!

Video by Travis Sherer:


Dec. 3

Penninsula Community Health Services Fundraiser

We wanted to thank you for making the live auction so completely and utterly enjoyable! The combination of raising money for a cause and providing side-splitting humor for the audience was a win for all! 

- Joe and Amy Roszak, Poulsbo, WA


Oct. 10

Corporate Entertainer

He adapts his act so quickly and to any situation.  I've hired him to entertain all our big clients.  He did 5 shows in one day for us and at each he gave 110%.  I don't know how he does it, I'm just really glad he does!

- Troy Summerill, General Manager Howard Johnson's

Aug. 7

Gr8 Reviews!

The Great Cris never ceases to amaze! He dazzled this reporter, along with the audience (made up of members aged from juniors to grandparents).  He did it with a G-rated show that was followed with multiple encores!  If you get a chance, definitely see The Great Cris ... you won't be disappointed!

-Bob Hermes-Reporter

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