We wanted to thank you for making the live auction of the Peninsula Community Health Services fundraiser so completely and utterly enjoyable!

The combination of raising money for a cause and providing side-splitting humor for the audience was a win for all! In addition to being flat out hysterical, you did a wonderful job of entertaining the participants while gently moving the bids higher and higher. We were impressed with how well you read the audience while never losing sight of the auction's cause. You neither humiliated nor pressured anyone while you weaved the audience into your improv routine. We continue to chuckle about many of the silly things you said, the sounds you made, the jokes you told, and your stage presence. By the way, did the KRUMPFELKE cake (or whatever it's called) ever make it out of your pocket? The price of admission was paid back ten times with laughter and merry making thanks to you. Thank you for a wonderful evening and for support such a great cause.

Thanks again, and until next time...
Joe and Amy Roszak
Poulsbo, WA


The Great Cris has been a professional comedian for over 20 years, touring the US and Canada. His tremendous stage presence, hilarious wit, and huge heart has won him a loyal fan base that continues to request him year after year to perform for USO Shows, Corporate Shows, and Benefit Foundation Shows.

The Great Cris made a natural transition to producing Comedy Benefit Shows and Community Events after 20+ years of experience in the entertainment industry.

His annual event showcase includes:

"Laugh for Life" Benefit Fundraiser for the American Cancer Society
"Armed Forces Festival" in Bremerton, WA
"Day of Caring"
"Comedy Benefits Show"
"The Big Love Show" on Valentines Day
"Under the Woods" Comedy Competition at McCormick Woods

Cris loves inspiring and activating members of the community to get involved in supporting local causes and groups. He works among fellow leaders in the local Rotary and Chambers of Commerce, leads the volunteer efforts to put on the Armed Forces Festival each year, and is passionate about getting local youth and organizations involved in distributing meals to the homeless in the annual Thanksgiving Outreach Dinner.

Cris is open and honest with a golden sense of humor that allows him to relate with kids of all ages. He is passionate about mentoring and inspiring youth by sharing his own obstacles that he's had to overcome. He has given motivational speeches at multiple Leadership Conferences and many Elementary, Junior High and High Schools.

Cris's energetic personality and adaptability have served him well in countless events as an MC. Past major MC events include: MS Walk, Military Affairs, and the Soap Box Derby.

"He adapts his act so quickly and to any situation. I've hired him to entertain all our big clients. He did 5 shows in one day for us and at each one he gave 110%. I don't know how he does it-I'm just really glad he does!"

Troy Summerill - General Manager, Howard Johnson's

Cris has been a celebrity auctioneer for Rotary Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, hospitals and civic and church organizations. Past major auction events have been for the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce, OS Chamber and Foodbank, yielding tremendous results.

The Comic Caterer "Dinner Show"

Cookbook "Cooking with Greatness"
Childrens Book "Dear Spike"
"Leadership with Laughter"
First King - Short Story